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Lewis Parker's passion for art produced a broad spectrum of original creations. His illustrations, paintings and historical murals are currently in use today in countless schools and historic publications. This site offers a sampling from the stunning volume of the complete works of Lewis Parker, and stands as a tribute to this unique Canadian-born artist.

Lewis recieved The Canadian Association of Professional Image Creators (CAPIC) Lifetime Achievement Award in 1993. During his 60 year career, Lewis illustrated for several media and governmental sources. Among these were The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star and Macleans Magazine. He also illustrated for TVO television programming. As well, his artwork included numerous books, pictoral dictionaries and Canadian encyclopedias.

Parker's work for the Canadian government included a $100 commemorative coin for the Canadian Mint, several stamps for Canada Post, and many murals for Cape Breton University and Parks Canada.

Lewis' gift as an historical artist lay in his portrayal of pictoral stories with masterful attention to detail. In summary, Lewis Parker's artwork reflected his longing to get as close as possible to the truth.

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